Why Ceylon Insight

Ceylon Insight has made a name for itself as a brand signifying quality and reliability, a benchmark for the guests wishing to travel in full freedom and at the same time able to rely on constant and discreet assistance. Operating successfully in the medium to high end of the tourist industry, Ceylon Insight has won the trust of an exclusive and highly demanding customer base by the fascination of the site, luxury accommodation facilities and the quality of the service offered, with the richest choice of locations in a veritable cultural collection, carefully thought out and rich with opportunities.

About Chinhaka
Chinthaka started this journey by joining to  university of Kelaniya and cae out being a master of german language, german culture , History , and literature after  four years time. In year 2009 he won a scholarship to Germany  and further studied Gearman Language at university of Trier.
Then he joid this travel and tourism trade by following a national tourist guide  training programme  conducted by The Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM).
From year 2011 he worked as German speaking national tour guide for German tour operators like Studiosus Reisen, World Insight, Mrco Polo Risen, Ikarus Reisen. While working as a national tour guide he strengthened his capacity by participating  to a guide training programme organized by Studiosus Reisen in Munich.
His main ambition to provide a more trekking friendly and cultural tours to the travelers who seeks his service.
About Kalinga
Kalinga started his journey in travel and tourism trade by learning French and German languages. Then he qualified as a National tourist Guide lecture by following a course at The Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM) . Then he started to provide his service to big German tour companies like Der Tour. Tai Pan, Tui, Ikaru, Marcopolo, Studiosus. Now he has more than 10 years experience in travel and tourism trade. Also he followed a  training programs In Munich which organized from Studiosus Reisen. He has claimed a good title to provide study tours.
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